Starliner JR/Express

Starliner JR/Express

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The Starliner. This simple slab bodied, thin skin finished, rock and roll MONSTER brings Kauer Guitars right back to its roots! Built out of a slab of Spanish Mahogany with a matching one piece Spanish Mahogany neck, our Starliner's remind of us Kalamazoo's finest era. Huge, in your face tone coupled with unexpected warmth and clarity the JR's are always a favorite around the shop. 


Plug it into anything from our favorite amp builder, Satellite Amplifiers and prepared to have your face melted. Want some additional tonal options, chose our Tonestyler tone circuit upgrade!

Standard Specs

  • Slab Spanish Cedar body and neck

  • 24.75" Scale Wenge Fretboard with 5mm Dot Inlays (JR's) or Keystone Inlays (Express)


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