Contact Kauer Guitars

9864 Dino Dr #6
Elk Grove, CA 95624

Phone Hours: Tuesday-Friday 9-3pm PST

Phone: (916) 538-1425

Fax: (916) 685-9121

Due to the volume of emails we get, if you don't hear back from us in 72 hours PLEASE email us again (or check your spam filter). 

If you’re emailing to ask for a copy of a spec sheet, you can view them all here. (Note- we don’t have digital copies of every spec sheet, if it’s not here, we don’t have it)

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We respect your privacy and send a limited number of emails a year (less than 6). We don't add your email address to our mailing list if you email us, only if you use this form.

Things we love getting emails about:

  • "Hey, can I get leopard print metal flake as an option" (YES.YES YOU CAN!)

  • "What pickups do you use?" (did you read the FAQ?)

  • "I love your beard and hammers. You are a sexy lumberjack. Will you marry my sister?" (Thanks but no thanks)

  • " I really love my Kauer, thank you so much. Just wanted to tell you that." Our favorite email!

  • "Can I come by for a shop tour?" Absolutely! Just call or email ahead of time. We're almost always there.

Things we REALLY, really hate getting emailed about

  • "Hey I'm so and so and I'm in a band with 80 followers on instagram, can I get artist price?" Did you read the FAQ or Artist page? No, obviously not. EVERYONE pays retail for their first Kauer. If you ask us this, we may not even respond. If we do and you can't be bothered to send us a reply we will sign you up for Unicorn Pornmail. Seriously.

  • "Will you build me a Banshee v1.0? No.

  • "Hey how much is a JM6?" I don't know, ask Dennis Fano. ;)

  • "Give me a deal because the Shadow Governments and the media are conspiring to keep the economy down". uh... ok? Sorry about that. On behalf of the media elite we apologize.