Kauer Guitars on tour with Leon Russell and Elton John!

I'm really excited to share this, just spent the last few days in LA dropping off two guitars, a Kauer Banshee and a Kauer Daylighter STD to Leon Russell guitarst Chris Simmons! Chris is a fantastic player and I'm really honored that he's playing my guitars. Chris' Banshee is very, VERY cool. Its the first all Spanish Cedar Banshee, it weighs 6.5lbs and sounds just fantastic!! The guitar actually isn't done yet, when this tour with Leon and Elton finishes I'll be getting the guitar back to make a couple tweaks then it goes to Josh @ Protocaster Guitars to be aged. Should be really cool.

Chris also has a Goldtop Daylighter STD (2p90's). 

I'm pretty jazzed! Got to catch a great opening night show with the pair last night in Hollywood.


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