Daylighter Super Supreme - Limited Edition

Daylighter Super Supreme - Limited Edition

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Limited edition, sparkle bound Daylighter Super Supreme. This year has been the year of a Semi Hollows here at Kauer and this one is the pinnacle of what we make. 

Nebula finish topped off with the always incredible TV Jones Powertron/Powertron+ combo. Nebula is difficult to capture on film but it is our homage to the gold fleck Silvertone finish but with a new twist: we use mainly gold and orange for the large flecks and then blue, green and red for the small. It really becomes like looking out at deep space (hence the name). Incredible in person and on stage!

Maple front and back over a Spanish Mahogany core and neck
Medium C neck .84" tapering .88"
Bigsby is an optional, no charge add on! Just let us know at check out.

(note: Photos are straight from iPhone7)