Banshee Express

Banshee Express


Our Express name is reserved for offerings guitars that are stripped of anything fancy and built to be in your face rockers. Banshee Express, new for 2019 combined the maple top from the Deluxe but with a satin, open grain finish and fixed color and pickup combos to give three Banshees that will melt faces without breaking the bank! The maple really imparts a tight bottom end and bit more snap compared to a Banshee Standard giving you a nice tonal alternative.

All three Express offerings include:

  • Spanish Mahogany back, three piece Spanish Mahogany neck-thru, Maple top and faux maple binding

  • 24.75" scale Wenge* fretboard with vintage pearloid Keystone inlays

  • .86” at the nut, .96” at the 12th fret C neck profile

  • 1 11/16” nut width, 12” radius fretboard

  • *International shipping CITIES compliant

  • Black with 2x Wolfetone KauerBuckers

  • Pelham Blue with a TV Jones Powertron (n) and Powertron+ (b)

  • Goldtop with 2x Wolfetone K90s

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