The Earl of Cadassian

The Earl of Cadassian


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Kauer Guitars Inc, the largest guitar manufacturer on Dino Drive in Elk Grove, California, is proud to share the world's most expensive lifestyle guitar. Dubbed the “Earl of Cardassian,” this masterpiece of lutherie features painstaking collaboration between many facets of the music and lifestyle industry.  Featuring a jewel-encrusted body, unique hardware, and hand whittled construction, the Kauer “Earl of Cardassian,” valued at 2,000,001 dollars, is sure to take the world record as most expensive guitar.

“Here at Kauer Guitars, we searched the corners of the earth for inspiration and materials to build our special Earl of Cardassian guitar. We spent years mining the Rhine Valley for the stones that truly add value and prestige to our instrument. These “Stones of Rhine” are indescribable in both value and appearance, and will simply bedazzle all those within sight of the instrument. Their crystalline structure allows a visual punch while combining to form the crystal lattice sonic attributes that makes this guitar so desirable.”

Not content to use material detrimental to the environment, Kauer Guitars’ owner traveled the world to find a superior neck material. “We decided, after much consideration, to build our neck from Bamboo that was harvested only in areas where Panda’s have eaten, digested and fertilized their native soils, infusing their spirits into each of the thousands of stalks of Bamboo that formed our neck. We clearly hear the full decisive tone that only Panda Infused Bamboo can impart.”

Kauer Guitars Inc. formed a partnership with lifestyle brands such as Sweetums Candy and Kernston’s Rubber Nipple Company to help bring the “Earl of Cardassian” to life. “Without the involvement from our sponsors, developing Kauer Guitars away from a musical instrument company to a lifestyle prestige brand would have been impossible”.

For the person of assets lucky enough to qualify to purchase the “Earl of Cardassian,” Doug Kauer, CEO of Kauer Guitars Inc will personally fly out on a private jet to arrive at the final destination, while an employee of Kauer Guitars will travel with the “Earl of Cardassian” via coach on no less than 7 connecting SouthWest Airlines flights to hand deliver the instrument. No expense will be spared in Doug Kauer’s personal travel. (All travel expenses will be billed to the purchaser).



  • Ancient, swamp dredged Alder body that has been made from reclaimed Amish toilet seats
  • Over 2000 hand placed Stones of Rhine
  • Panda Spirit Infused Bamboo neck
  • Hand Selected, Wenge Fretboard that was once used as a mouth whistle by John Dillinger 
  • Ships in an illfitting Gator gig bag