NAMM 2014

Well, it's been over a week since we've come home from NAMM 2014... and we're still exhausted. What is there to recap? Amazing friends we've made over the years, artists we've met, dealers we harass and get harassed by (good natured of course!)... sleep deprived delirium, a burger that I literally said "do you think adding bacon is too much on my half ground beef, half ground bacon burger that already has pastrami and a fried egg on top?", old fashioneds, beer and the occasional joke about Dennis Fano being my doppelganger. Amazing time. Enjoy some pictures from this years NAMM!

NAMM 2014 Catalog!

Well, we're back from NAMM 2014 and as you can imagine, we're exhausted!! SO the thing we really wanted to share the most of is our newest 2014 Catalog. It is a pure stroke of genius from our friend and graphic artist, David Wilbanks.  So, here you go, enjoy. It's brilliant, tons of hidden gems inside! 

Dealer of the Year award for 2013

We are very proud to announce that Mountain Cat Guitars as the winner of our Dealer of the Year award for 2013. MCG is not only our oldest dealer but has been just an absolute pleasure to work with both as a builder but as a customer as well. Thanks again, please stop by their page and say hello, check out the amazing stuff they carry and buy something cool! Thanks again to Doug Myer of Mountain Cat Guitars.

Become a Kauer Test Pilot!

Interested in becoming Kauer Test Pilot? What is a Kauer Test Pilot? How many times can we say Pilot?!


We know how difficult it can be to purchase a guitar unseen and while we have a tremendous dealer network, there's just never one near you it seems. So, we are bringing back our Kauer demo program!! Here's the details:

  • We are making the following guitars available, Crusader, Acadian, Banshee, Daylighter Express, Starliner
  • You can keep the guitar 7 days from arrival.
  • The cost is 125 dollars. This covers the shipping BOTH WAYS (~60 dollars each way in shipping). We will have a return label already included with the guitar so all you have to do is drop the guitar off at any fedex hub, store ect. The cost also helps keep up with the periodic maintenance the guitars will require.
  • If you want to keep the guitar an additional week it's 100 per week. 
  • You aren't charged till the guitar is ready to ship to you. (no paid waiting lists)
  • After the trial period, if you decide to purchase a Kauer direct or place an order through a dealer you are credited the 125 dollars!! 

If you'd like to sign up, we're expecting the first instruments to be ready around early 2014. Please email with the following:

  • Name, Address, Phone Number
  • In the subject line: "Kauer Test Pilot- (Model)"   ex: Kauer Test Pilot- Starliner

In the past our demo program has been not only extremely popular but run completely on the honor system. If any instrument is to go missing we will start to require a credit card authorized with the retail value of the instrument before shipping... so let's keep this honest so we don't have too.

Here are the terms and conditions:

  • None of the 5 instruments will be available for sale during their demo period. 
  • Demo guitars availble in the main 48 US states only. 
  • Play the guitars with out fear, we are not concerned about pick scratches and normal light wear and tear
  • However, if you break or cause significant damage (broken wood ie: headstock, neck, body damage) you will be responsible for repair or replacement costs.
  • Please ship all instruments DETUNED. This is the only shipping method Kauer Guitars endorses, instruments shipped under tension and damaged in shipping will be liable to the demoer. 

What a year!

Getting close to wrapping up the year and just realized, we've stopped updating our blog completely! For the very latest news, swing over to our facebook page here! As a parting gift enjoy some pictures from the last year!

The Daylighter JR's!!!

Well, a LONG over due happy new years to everyone! I hope 2011 is as good and better than 2010 was for all of us!

I am absolutely stoked about our new JR models. These started as a pet conversation with Adam Grimm of Satellite Amps and I at the LA Amp Show.  In all fairness a JR model has been something we had been considering for a while now but I just wanted it to be uniquely Kauer before we did it.

Then after a few conversations the last few pieces of the puzzle clicked into place and one day we just started it. The first 10 were built with in about 3 months of starting with some minor hiccups along the way. How did they turn out? Beyond EVERY expectation! Like always the bodies and necks are Spanish Cedar. This is just a miracle wood in our eyes, its light, extremely toneful, warm but not muddy or dark. Matched up with our custom wound Wolfetone pickups we've built a guitar that can go from a gentle cry to a full on scream by simply riding the volume. Coupled with a wide range of tones from our carefully selected cap style and values along with a secondary tone switch activated by pulling the tone knob... this is one of the most flexible JR style guitars we've ever laid hands on.

Yes, we're biased... but they are THAT good.  We've been having our good friend and customer Scott Beckner photograph the new JR's for us every couple weeks so keep an eye on this posting as we update with more pictures! We'll also see a video demo here soon from Lance at our dealer . Really looking forward to that!